Experience The Wine Station

The Wine Station enables guests to experience wine before they buy. Explore new grapes, premium wines, different regions and countries. Load a Wine Station Smart Card with any dollar amount and use it to taste one, two or four ounces of a continuously changing rotation of 12 wines. 

The Wine Station Current Selections

Paco & Lola | Albarino | Spain

Le Poggere | Est! Est!! Est!!! | Italy

Hayes Ranch | Chardonnay | California

Chateau Ducasse| Sauvignon Blanc | France

Hahn | SLH Pinot Noir | Santa Lucia Highlands

Saint Martin| Cabernet Franc | Burgundy

Big Guy | Red Blend | California

Noah River | Cabernet Sauvignon | California

Frey Vineyards | Biodynamic Field Blend | Mendocino

Maipe Chakana Wines | Malbec | Argentina

Venge Vineyards | Scout's Honor Red Blend | California

Creta Roble | Tempranillo | Spain